Once you’ve joined the revolution by getting your hands on some bitcoin, you may be wondering how exactly you should use it. There’s no prescribed way to make the most of your bitcoin, but there is an increasing number of options.

A growing list of retailers and service providers accept bitcoin as payment. Using bitcoin at one of these retailers can be as easy as selecting a “pay with BTC” option at checkout.

Even if retailers or service providers don’t accept bitcoin directly, you may use bitcoin to purchase a gift card for that retailer or service provider. Several gift card websites accept bitcoin in exchange for gift cards to major online and brick-and-mortar retailers like Amazon, Target and more. (This could come in handy if you don’t have a bank account or there is another reason you prefer not to sell bitcoin for fiat currency.)

Whether you have a daily job, sell physical goods or perform one-off services, there are advantages to accepting bitcoin for payment.

For example, because of its borderless nature, bitcoin is useful for those who live in a different part of the world from whoever is paying them. It’s also an ideal payment solution for those who live in countries where the fiat currency is particularly volatile or difficult to trust.

Individuals interested in getting paid in bitcoin can search for freelance jobs that offer BTC payment on listing sites like Cryptogrind. Businesses that are interested in accepting bitcoin payments can leverage services offered by payment processors like BitPay and BTCPay Server.

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